Writer's Block (The Hollywood Version)

I don't like watching movies about writers. I've been known to announce this fact, rather loudly, whenever someone makes the mistake of suggesting that we spoil what would otherwise be an enjoyable evening by partaking in some cinematic masterpiece that centres on a scribe. Sometimes I add gagging noises to emphasize my point.

The Freedom to Speak

Sapling in sunshine
Section two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right of all Canadians to voice their opinions on any subject they feel the need to voice an opinion on without fear of recriminations. While some Lyme sufferers have been very vocal about their struggles, many more have chosen to remain silent. And always they give the same reason: They fear that if they publicly criticize their doctors, health authorities, or anyone else for failing to provide them with a satisfactory level of care that they will be subject to exactly the sorts of recriminations that the Charter makes illegal.

Top 5 Books on Lyme Disease

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There are a lot of books on Lyme disease out there and it can be difficult to know which ones contain valuable information that can help you to better understand Lyme disease and which ones fan the flames of controversy without delivering much in the way of knowledge. Here are a few that I found helpful when I was sifting through a mountain of research trying to get my head around what makes this disease tick.

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